Construction ERP

Managing cost, schedule and resources efficiently defines the success of an organisations involved in a project engineering industry. Operational challenges in executing a project as per the plan and schedule, makes it nearly impossible to function without a streamlined processes and arobust enterprise wide automation in place.
Generic ERP systems partially meet the demands of such project engineering Industry as they don’t cover the entire spectrum of the Industries business functions. NAVBUILD is a popular Industry add-on solution designed on top of Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP Suite to address the needs of project engineering Industries which are involved in either of the below line of business :
• Civil Contracting
• MEP Contracting
• Interior Designing
• Road Contracting
• Industrial Engineering and
• Project Engineering Services Organisation
NAVBUILD is a comprehensive solution designed to drive value to those who are in the project engineering industry. NAVBUILD automates the following business processes of the project Engineering Industry:
• Pre Tendering
• Tendering
• BOQ Definition
• Vendor Management
• Material Procurement
• Resource Procurement
• Sub-Contract Management
• Site Management
• Asset Management
• Project Finance and General Finance
• Payroll

NAVBUILD is Powered by Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 a popular business management solution for small and mid-sized organizations that automates and streamlines business processes. Highly adaptable and rich with features, Microsoft Dynamics NAV enables companies to manage their business. Companies can easily add functionality that is relevant to any area of operation, and that is customized to support even highly specialized industries.

NAVBUILD built on top of Microsoft Dynamics NAV can be deployed muchfasterthan any other solution with its rapid start deployment model and preconfigured industry wide solution templates. NAVBUID as a solution is available both on a perpetual and on cloud model for deployment.

Tendering as an activity demands high level of precise information’s from various departments and the effectiveness in it results in profitable business. NAVBUILD helps in improving the response time for a tendering activity with much more accurate data. The quality through put with past reusable data and integration capability with take-off software’s makes it very useful during this stage of the business.
NAVBUILD has the ability to communicate Bi-Directionally with Microsoft Projects and in a similar fashion can be integrated with other popular project planning tools as well to establish better schedule management in a project. This capability of NAVBUILD ensures Change Management within a project much easier than otherwise.
With NAVBUILD the procurement process for both material and labour are managed efficiently within the planned project cost and time. NAVBUILD ensures procurements are done within budget and timeline from the authorised vendor through a clearly automated procurement process. Any exceptions are managed through a defined workflow and accounted under change orders.
Outsourcing jobs and overseeing themeffectively executed, demands high level of transparency right from the selection process of the vendor till actual audit and work completion certification process. NAVBUILD automates the end to end process in managing a sub-contractor and provides options to extend the application to the vendor for better governance.
Site Management
Unlike early days today establishing connectivity between a site office and corporate office is not a challenge. NAVBUILD offers multiple channels to automate the site management business activities. The site users can use mobile app or web portal to record their indents, receipt , issue and measurement books apart from a web client , these options helps the site users to be in line with the organisation goal and the corporate offices gain real time visibility on the progress of the project.
Project Finance
One gains complete visibility of cash forecast required while executing a project by using NAVBUILD. Right from Project Cost definition and WIP booking during the project NAVBUILD offers great control in the way business is run. NAVBUIL D can streamline revenue recognition against work done , regulate cash flow, and other statutory compliance as its tightly integrated.
Quality Management
This module ensures the adaption of defined process and compliance for better productivity and value creation through a transaction in a business. A configurable parameterising functionality helps the users to define project specific and task specific quality needs to ensure a better output.

Customer Relation Management
NAVBUILD can help to define and track marketing campaigns, later to measure its performance. Customer engagement touch points across the life cycle results in improved customer satisfaction and enables you to cross sell and up sell in an appropriate time and in an efficient manner.
NAVBUILD Payroll maintains multiple pay-group and breakups for each pay group to do the pay process without hassle. Integration with multiple attendance recording system is also possible with standard API’s or by a data up-load mechanism.
Value Proposition
NAVBUILD provides immense value to its users with its rich functionality and wide coverage of the industry specific needs:
• Real Time Visibility on the project Status
• Enhanced workflow brings in business process controls which are required to attain profitability
• Role Tailored Dash Board helps users to get a snapshot of information to focus and act upon
• Business Notifications Engine communicates event which require immediate action from both internal and external stake holders for a project.
• Query Builder enhances the freedom of creating reports on demand by the users
• Mobile Apps reduces the infrastructure costs and gives the edge to work on your move
• Vendor Portal brings complete transparency in the procurement process and efficiency to deliver quality outputs to the end customer
• NAVBUILD allows you to forecast your cash flow based on the WIP status , AR , AP and against work to be executed against the plan by press of the button
• NAVBUILD helps you to track all the change orders be it approved or not for the calculation of project profitability analysis

NAVBULD can enhance your productivity by automating your entire business processes. Inbuilt workflows, alerts and notification create a proactive work environment which enables key business drivers to take the right decisions with right data which results in profitability.

NAVBUILD User-wide Benefits