Need for good software in a Construction Business ….

Its a challenging task to automate your project centric business. Yet its vital to do so, because :

  • You need faster and accurate tendering capabilities to out perform your competition
  • You need an transparent procurement process to do quality delivery and manage profitability as planned.
  • You need a enterprise business work flows which will builds rules to proactively highlight , control and make people accountable against planned deviations of budgets.
  • You need a platform which can predict cash flows across the project stages to manage execution effectively.
  • You need business notifications to improve the overall productivity of the work force and to increase the vendor & customer relationships.
  • You need system which can aide you in recording impacts that are proportion to known and unknown risks to manage them effectively.
  • You need information’s with intelligence which will aid you to take the right decision which yields better results across the project.

NAVBUILD designed on top of Microsoft Dynamics NAV will address these needs.


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